Are you Honest with Yourself?

Are you Honest with Yourself?

Honesty and integrity starts from self-reflection of you as an individual – in mind and soul, then flows to your physical self - thoughts, words and actions. When you are honest with yourself – the good and not so good – you can then embody integrity in your words and actions and honesty in your interaction with others.

Honesty and integrity is with no blame attributed to any other soul – for words you speak, emotions you feel and actions you take. Honesty and integrity is about accepting responsibility for self. What is within, naturally flows outward.

Take time to consider this: how often do you say or think: "I am angry/sad/depressed ..... because of that situation/person/circumstance"?

People will feel what is within their own energy field, and if it is negative then it is almost always something that needs to be explored. Integrity is about owning those feelings and subsequent words and actions that are powered by those feelings. How you feel, in particular negative feelings, has nothing to do with anyone else but you. Now, take for example, an individual will react differently to the same situation/person/circumstance, so either the situation/person/circumstance has the power (which is 100% unlikley) to make you and others feel a range of individualised, unrelated and different emotions – or – your specific reaction has started and is happening within you.

When you practice honesty and integrity, you should instead ask yourself; "I am angry/sad/depressed ..... so why and how has this situation/person/circumstance activated these negative feelings or pain pockets within me?" This is your clue for what needs to be realised and healed within you. As soon as you add 'because' you decline to accept responsibility for yourself - so effectively you run from the truth and deny yourself of inner-integrity.

It is not an easy process to see your own 'imperfections' - as the ego labels it. Whereas the Soul labels it 'opportunity'. And being honest with yourself doesn’t require of you or mean you have to be honest with everyone you know and openly share what needs healing within you, it is a dialogue that takes place between the outer you and the inner you. Honesty and integrity is about you being honest with all facets of yourself, healing and then changing your thoughts, words and actions as a result. This is called self-actualisation.

If you are courageous enough to continually take sole responsibility for yourself and be honest with yourself first, life and your experience of it changes in miraculous ways. I would say that one of the reasons is that you cease projecting blame in thought, feeling and words for what you are responsible for onto other people (and therefore the negative karmic cycle stops), and instead you realise that it is within you, that you are responsible and you take action to heal what needs to be healed. Then that pain pocket becomes dormant and you're another step closer to restoring your Soul to its original template.

Crystal Tip: Crystals can assist you in this process. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer as it brings tranquillity and the courage to deal with challenges assertively, and encourages honesty with yourself in all interactions. So in these times keep one on you.

Many well wishes to you in your quest of living from that pure place from within you.

May God Bless You Today,

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

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