Everyone’s Heart is Pure and Clean, to Start

Do you believe in God, in Jesus, in Angels, in Mother Mary to name a few? Do you go to church or have married in a church or christened your children in a church? Is this done for external appearances or because that is what sings true in your heart?

Well, this is all very important to understand how spiritual you truly are. Do you know and acknowledge that there are spirits opposing the Kingdom of God that cause havoc in this world? How do they do this? If you give these spirits a place to dwell in you, then you think, speak and act out from the assignments that these spirits give rise to, and you oppose God at the same time.

These are just a few of the spirits (I am discussing many more and including verse numbers in my book):

Foul spirit
Lying spirit
Perverse spirit
Seducing spirit
Spirit of bondage
Spirit of divination
Spirit of jealousy

There are many people who open themselves to these spirits, not aware that they are spirits in action especially if they have strayed from God, believing that it is what they are independently thinking, some will even think it is intuition. I guarantee you it is not.

Foul thoughts about others, lying in any capacity, thinking perversely, trying to seduce, trying to manipulate people, and feeling jealous of others are some of the things that these spirits give rise to within people, because they have allowed them to. Know that everyone’s heart is pure to start with, as God created. By the decisions that they make, such as lying, cheating, slander, manipulating, bullying, to habits they have such as drug and alcohol use, right through to practicing the dark arts (spells, curses etc.), makes their hearts unclean, therefore they further open themselves to the spirits that oppose God, then they are in battle with God. Take for example the drug addicted who commit serious crimes, who cannot recollect why and what crime they committed. Take for another example those who verbally abused their partners, and it eventually leads to physical abuse, with the explanation that we have all heard many times – I didn’t mean to physically hit you, but I lost control. You can gather who or what was in control. These spirits can range from being so subtle to vile, and there is a deaf and dumb spirit who will try and deafen you and dumb you down so you don’t hear or see God’s grace. Let’s speak honestly, there are people who do these things in this world, and each person is accountable for themselves, and also accountable for the energy or spirit that they allow into their hearts. Remember God equips everyone with a pure and clean heart to start with, and no one else makes the decisions in their life – that’s their responsibility and no one else’s.

No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon. Luke 16:13

If this is new information or a new way of thinking for you, start learning, start educating yourself about the opposing forces based on scripture, so you are ready and equipped to disallow and reject that of which is against God, to reside in you. God already knows, but you have to know who you are serving.

If you have allowed these spirits to reside in you by the decisions you have chosen in your life, pray, God; Jesus only has the power to rebuke them and remove these energies having a place in you. This is what deliverance is about. Then faith, discipline and self-control are your continued virtues here. When you seat yourself in the House of the Lord, nothing and no one can touch you or your life, and God will defend and fight for you. Now that is a glorious reason to walk with God.

Here is a prayer:

Dear God,
Allow those, who are securely seated in the House of the Lord, including myself, to recognise when opposing spirits are in action and give them, give me, the wisdom to shut them out and reject them. I also ask that all people with diabolical assignments and engaging with spirits opposing You, be repelled continuously from my life and my world, by Your grace and favour. You are the beginning and the end, therefore, I hand these situations to You, in full faith, to deal with completely on my behalf. Thank you God, I praise You, I bless You, I love You, for you have already answered my prayer.

Glory to you God, now and forever unto the ages of ages.

In the Name of Jesus,

Lastly, this is not anything new, it is ancient wisdom and has been written for thousands of years. It is the word of God.

May God Bless You Today.
Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

PS this photo is another from Kauai.

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