Finding the Light within You

To find your own light within is to walk your own path in life.

To find your own light within is to tune into your own wisdom, your own purpose, your own power, your own Soul energy – without comparing yourself to other people, without competing with other people, without trying to embody someone else’s attributes, without trying to be better than other people.

Dear Souls when you compare, compete, copy other people instead of being your truest self, this is a disservice to your own Soul, and who you are. It is the ultimate betrayal of self – and it is an internal rejection of self.

When we do, say or think of doing something in our lives – and the motivation comes from comparing, competing, copying or wanting to be better than another – this is not inspiration from the Soul nor Heart, nor what we call: to empower oneself – this is your ego taking over. The egos job is to divert you from reflecting, and looking within and learning, as the ego always looks outward and looks for opportunities to create separated thinking and keep you in the same spot with no soul advancement. The ego is insecure – so it will look for ways to make you think your own light is not enough and perhaps focus on the positive attributes of another, instead of developing your own positive attributes. The ego is what keeps trying to make you fit in to external factors to which you have limited or no control over. But you always have control over yourself.

So where does your inspiration come from?

How do you determine what goals you want to achieve in this life?

Do you experience negative feelings of jealousy, resentment, competition or feel like sabotaging other people’s life?

This comparing, competing, copying behaviour creates negative Karma, because you may use the positive attributes of another, to motivate you in a separated manner – regardless whether it is in a positive or negative manner – it is a cord of attachment. If you realise you do this – please spend some time contemplating why this may be so – and accept responsibility for any negative energy that you may be are emanating.

Most people are not aware that they do this until they ask the question of why they are comparing, competing or copying another Soul.

The questions to ask are:

Why am I frequently looking at what other people are doing in their life, instead of looking at my own life?

Does my aspirations in life stem from my focus on other people?

Why is it that I feel I may lack within myself?

Where is my own light?

What is my purpose?

Let people inspire you, by all means. Then do what you need to live your purpose in this life and find the light within you – the light, the intelligence that keeps your physical body alive. Everyone is here in this life to learn how to refine their Soul frequency. To live from a place of absolute self-love and self-empowerment, independently. If you live your life based on other people and their life – my question to you is “Whose life are you living? Yours or someone else’s?”.

All the great teachers who have and are making a positive difference in this world, follow the beat of their own drum and sometimes on their path they are the only ones drumming. But it doesn’t matter as they are making their own music and shining their own light so they can see the path ahead. They follow their own light, and many of them overcome great obstacles to reach higher levels of self-created success, which will manifest in many soulful ways. And without harnessing their inner light and passion, do you think they would have overcome and surpassed these challenges? If they relied on someone else’s light, do you think they would be where they are today? Very unlikely.

Don’t be afraid to ever shine your own light or drum to your own beat. But first you must find your own light within.

If you don’t know what your purpose is in life, then there are tools and techniques that can help you discover what skills, knowledge and attributes you are here to share. Your life is a testament to what you are here to experience in the world. And if you are busy focussing your effort on other people and their lives, you are giving away your soul energy with no benefit to your own life.

Remember: Be your (true) self, and love every moment of it.

Do what you intuitively feel to live your life purpose, without the need to measure up against other people’s perception of life or societies expectations for that matter – and let that be all that you need and rely on. While it is nice to be accepted by other people, it is a necessity that you first accept yourself. Acknowledge that we are all unique and everyone is here to learn soul lessons based on their unique soul blueprint – and to live it – if they choose.

Be a good version of yourself, but if you can be a great version of yourself on your own accord – why not?



May God Bless You Today,

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

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