Hand Over All Your Troubles to God

Hand over all your troubles to God. God has an army of angels so abundant that we cannot even begin to imagine. The Angels of the Lord do all the fighting for all those who rejoice in God and those who swear by Him shall be praised. His Angels will come into affect when we come across situations such as other peoples anger, or dishonesty, covert diabolical activities, including activities that we are not even aware of. God fights and always wins over the spirits that cause havoc in the physical world. Give it all to God, He will guide you if you need to take any action and then take refuge under His glorious wings.

Here is a little Prayer:

Dear God,
Please send your angels to protect me from all harm, that of which I can see with my eyes and that of which is hidden from my earthly sight, as nothing can be hidden from You, and You see everything from up above. For you are my only judge and my soul follows close behind You, and Your right hand is always quick to help me. I ask that you counsel those who seek to inflict harm and destruction on me, in my life and my world. I thank you Lord, for Your good spirit, forever leads me on a level path.

Glory to you God, now and forever unto the ages of ages.
In the name of Jesus Christ,

Trust in God, it works.
May God Bless You Today,

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos.

PS: This photo was taken in Kauai, Hawaii, towards the north side of the island. It is just beautiful!

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