Self Healing Explained

Life is a clockwise cycle of adding complication then an anticlockwise cycle of simplification.
Basically everything negative or of-separation that we learn, are exposed to and experience as a toddler, child, teenager then to an adult we carry with us, unless we self-heal, our energetic body will eventually be unable carry anymore, it becomes like a vessel under extreme pressure and... becomes stagnant. That is the point when a mid-life crisis occurs, or some of us will resort to numbing the pressure with alcohol or drugs, or some of us will verbally, mentally and emotionally hurt other people as a means to alleviate the pressure, some of us will resort to physical violence to let out steam, and some of us will totally stagnate and suffer from depression – all of this stops growth and refinement of the soul. And this doesn't clear any dysfunction – unfortunately it adds more dysfunction.But it doesn't have to be that way. It is not meant to be that way. The way it is meant to be, and every one has this power, is through learning how to self-heal in order to release and resolve these dysfunctions that many of us carry though life. The hardest part of this process is acknowledging and then starting because these dysfunctions can’t be released and resolved without bringing them up to the surface first (Awareness), and most of us try to forget and suppress it all – so it is about surrendering in order to heal.

Anything that brings about negative, sad, angry or fearful emotions, thoughts or memories is what needs to be healed.

Self-healing is about bringing the dysfunctions to the surface, one by one, and experiencing it again then stepping away to gain a different perspective to dissect that experience, thought, belief or fear from a higher place (Reflection) for the final time.

To identify the purpose or a truth of such experiences, thoughts, beliefs, fears or conditioning is to identify what you are meant to learn or unlearn from it or learn about yourself (Learning) then resolving and releasing it for the first and final time from your aura and taking the knowledge with you (Application) and perhaps correcting some beliefs, thoughts and conditioning that require it. And a cycle of simplification occurs, then again and again and again as we do this with each dysfunction, whether it is an experience, a fear, a belief, thoughts, or conditioning – any and all negative memory, thoughts and emotions.

Each one of these negative memories, thoughts and emotions weighs our soul down as the soul vibrates at a highly refined frequency – the dysfunctions operate on a slow and dense frequency. When you resolve and release all these dysfunctions this is the true meaning of freedom – the soul elevated and is free to grow and fly.

Some of these experiences are not fair or just, some are painful and were unnecessary, some fears seem real, and some beliefs and conditioning flew under that radar and surface some time later. It is important not to assess whether you were deserving of an experience or to beat yourself up for not learning sooner - just dissect each negative experience, fear, belief, thoughts, emotion, or conditioning and look for the positive learning or unlearning relating to you and about what you think, feel and believe of yourself.

Learnings can be about self-worth, self-believe, boundaries, compassion, responsibility, balance, process, intuition, faith, strength and many more.

Self-healing has no room or tolerance for judgement, blame or ridicule of self – only peace, love, compassion and acceptance towards oneself. Self-healing means you have to be your own best friend. And if you find it difficult to self-heal – find a reputable healer to help you.

There are also vibrational, nutritional, energetic, herbal, mind, emotional, and physical therapies and treatments that support any healing process.

Happy and kind healing Dear Soul.
May God Bless You Today.

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

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