In our progression to return to being our most authentic selves, we also need to consider what language we are fluent in?

Is it Soul or Ego?

Unity or Separation?

Love or Fear?

If we are only fluent in the ego language then it is very difficult to be soulful; unified; loving; compassionate. But everyone knows both languages. One is inherent: being Soul and the other learnt: being Ego. The ego language tends to be the dominate language, because people have failed to recall that they know the soul language, but it is never forgotten as it is in-built.

The ego language is focused of fear, judgement, anger, and is mostly preceded by she/he is, they or them.

The soul language is focused on love, unity, cooperation, acceptance, compassion and is mostly preceded by I am, or we are.

The ego language has sides, a border. The soul language has shared ground.

The ego language has enemies. The soul language has brothers and sisters.

The ego language validates competition. The soul language only knows co-operation.

Soul language is your first language. It really is.

When we recognise that we have learnt the ego language, we understand how we have picked it up along the way in life, being normally from families, communities and friends.

The ego language is stifled the most when sad events or tragedy occurs – because its foundations are not based on love, but fear. When tragedy strikes, it cracks the heart open a little and the ego language cannot fully relate and starts to dissipate, and your first language, soul, starts to come through because its foundations are in love, compassion and unity. It is why many people are moved to help, or make a change or their lives are changed forever. But you need to keep speaking the soul language so you can again become fluent in it, and this is most difficult for many people because they have been speaking the ego language for years, and it is habit, so they revert. But you never forget the soul language.

When you become fluent again in the soul language, I say again because it is your first language, you then understand both languages.

What language are you fluent in? Ego or Soul?

May God Bless You Today,

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

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