Shelby Interviews Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos


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SHELBY: Kasi, what is the meaning of energy?

KASI: Energy is what brings life into us. This energy in its purest form allows our heart to beat, our lungs to breathe, AND our brains to work. We don’t physically see it, but it is there and imperative to life.


SHELBY: Can it be seen or felt and where does it start from?

KASI: Energy can be felt, although if we are not aligned to the frequency in which it is created, we may not be able to recognize when or why we feel it.


SHELBY: Does energy send information and how do people pick it up from each other?

KASI: Originating energy in its highest frequency comes from the purest place, the universe, God, moving through each individual. We, as individuals can pollute the frequency of spiritual energy, simply by adding layers of dense physical, emotional and mental energy, which is normally created by challenging experiences we deal with in our lives. It transforms the spiritual energy that we individually have access to and dilutes the frequencies, and we then emanate diluted energy outwards. What we emanate out, is what can be felt by others, especially if we embody a higher frequency.


SHELBY: In your book, you talk about energy imprints, the holding of energy from previous situations. Will you tell us what you mean by that?

KASI: Energy imprints are pockets of energy frequencies that are embedded into physical items or places.


SHELBY: How do you clear energy imprints?

KASI: We can ask the universe to pass pure white light through a place to clear any discord, much like sifting the energy through a sieve, and blasting what is remaining in the sieve with so much light that anything other than light cannot exist.


SHELBY: Do you think the original settlers in Australia – often people who were exiles from England, left an energy imprint on Australia?

KASI: I do, but the crimes they were convicted of were considered petty, and often they were political prisoners. Serious crimes were not transportable offenses. So who benefited from their exile? I think those who were exiled did. They had an opportunity to come to a new land, without the old pockets of energy holding them back. I believe the exiles, unknowingly, were presented with an opportunity, once they were emancipated or their term of servitude had expired, to change their lives positively. Many rose to prominent positions in Australian society. Interesting to note: Australia is known to be the land of the free.



SHELBY: What does the land feel like there?

KASI: It is very pure and beautiful. It is so vast, depending on where you go; it carries different energies because of people in different areas, but the land remains pure. Aboriginals see the land as their spiritual mother, so I also think that we all unknowingly benefit from the spiritual significance that the Aboriginals bring to the land. Most Australians have a respect for Aboriginals and consider them the true first settlers.


SHELBY: Kasi, how did you get into the work of clearing spaces?

KASI: Knowing the Law of Energy brought me to the understanding that what happens within us, is also influenced by what is outside of us. There is a relationship between the two, and through my own experiences, I put my theory to the test with wonderful outcomes.


SHELBY: Were you always sensitive to energy in your environment?

KASI: I have always been sensitive to the energy of others and the environment. It is important to first notice energy and then to intuit the why, and what to do about it.


SHELBY: What do you think is the biggest energy drain in someone’s environment?

KASI: Internally, it is our thoughts. Externally, it is our possessions. We acquire most of our possessions through expending our energy, albeit, working in our chosen professions. That energy is transformed into money which we often spend on possessions. So, our possessions are transformed into the energy around us. If our possessions do not provide positive experiences or serve any good purpose for us, it translates to wasted or diminished energy from our lives.


SHELBY: What about work environments? What kind of surroundings impels more productivity and creativity on the job?

KASI: Colorful decor and elements of nature harmonize embedded energy. A work environment is like a base blanket applicable to all individuals; again an individual’s energy will influence their own productivity and creativity, but it is great to introduce a harmonic base for workers to build on.




SHELBY: When you clear space, what is the first thing you look for in an environment to remove?

KASI: Clutter. I start with the internal blocks first, then move to the external blocks and then I work on the energetic blocks.


SHELBY: What is the first thing you would add to an environment to improve the density of the energy?

KASI: Fresh air, cleanliness, and organization of possessions. It is amazing what can be achieved by just doing this.


SHELBY: How does old, unused clutter affect people’s physical health?

KASI: Old, unused clutter will affect people’s health due to associated energy with the items.This happens if we are keeping an ‘inactive’ item. This also happens if an item is connected to a negative time in our lives, so much so, that when we look at it, it brings memories of despair back to us. Our thoughts impact our nervous system and create biochemical reactions that impact our health negatively. Point to note, I exclude items from passed loved ones from this list, as it is not the item itself, but the grief of loved ones the passing soul has left behind.


SHELBY: You talk about crystal grids. What are they and what do they do?

KASI: Crystal grids are crystals arranged into a grid that energetically connects to other crystals (the same or different) and magnifies the crystal's energy to form a sphere of energy, mostly the energy that was programmed into the crystal.  It forms a barrier and deflects or transforms (depending on the crystal) any energy frequency not compatible with the crystal's energy.


SHELBY: How do crystals transmit/and/or clear energy?

KASI: Crystals are the DNA of mother earth. They formed under the earth’s surface from molten magma (molten magma is renamed lava when it is above the earth’s surface), and because of this, crystals are imprinted with the energy of millions of years of evolution. All crystals have electrical and magnetic properties based on their internal unchanging structure. Crystals emit an electrical and magnetic energy frequency, and when we program crystals we also add our energy frequencies to them. So whenever a lower frequency comes into the vicinity of the crystal grid, that grid will transform lower frequency into the program of the crystal energy. As an analogy, if the lower frequency is fire, the crystal grid acts as water.


SHELBY: Can evil energy really be cleared? For instance, if I sit in a room where there was a killing, would I feel that terrible situation? Can that horrendous energy ever really go away?

KASI: Evil energy can most definitely be cleared. In a situation where a horrendous act occurred, there are two factors. First, the lost soul(s) still bound to earth and second, the frequency of energy still left in that room. Energy will not move unless we transform it, although we have to embody a higher frequency in order to do this. There is a hierarchy of energy: the higher the frequency, the greater the light and power.


SHELBY: You discuss Himalayan Salts. What are they and how do they work?

KASI: Himalayan salt is around 250 million years old from a large salt lake that naturally dried. A heated Himalayan salt lamp will attract water molecules (moisture) from the air, forming a solution of NaCl (sodium chloride) and H20 (water). Sodium is a positive ion and chloride is a negative ion. The evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions. Negative ions are known to create feel good biochemical reactions in our blood stream, so introducing negative ions into our environment causes us feel better, rested, and happier. Point to note that negative ions are abundant near oceans, at waterfalls, in thunderstorms, and forests – anywhere where nature is.


SHELBY: You talk about sound clearing. Can you expand on that?

KASI: Let’s take, for example, a dog’s ability to hear sounds that we cannot hear. Similar concept. Sounds can heal us without us realizing it. As we continue raising our soul's vibrations, the sound frequency also rises. It becomes more defined. Sound clearing is about introducing techniques such as Tibetan or crystal singing bowls or bells that can reach higher frequencies. Discordant Energy is dense, and the higher, refined frequencies break it up and disperse it into tiny segments, as opposed to stagnant pockets of energy.


SHELBY: You mention color therapy. What is that? What is the best color to wear if you feel down? If you want to attract more money? More people?

KASI: Color therapy is closely related to the chakra system, documented in the Vedas some 3500 years ago. Light is made up of vibrating energy, and color is made up of a spectrum of light vibrating at different speeds. Lower light vibrations produce colors like red and oranges, which is correlated back to the chakra system. When we focus on a specific color, or if it is abundant in our environment, this can influence our energy vibration – it aligns our chakras to the vibration of the color. If you are feeling down, the first thing to consider is why. If it has to do with feeling disconnected to life, then red is perfect. If it has to do with feeling a lack of energy, then orange is perfect; if it has to do with a lack of confidence, then yellow is your color. It is more beneficial to consider what is causing you to feel a certain way, then utilizing color to heal that.


SHELBY: What is the most important room in the house and why?

KASI: The bedroom. This is the room in which we rejuvenate and where we are in our theta state, therefore the interference of the ego is at a minimum. It is the optimum time for our soul to take in information relating to our life purpose, direction, and where soul healing is also performed.


SHELBY: What is the best way to design that room?

KASI: It should represent our soul, our heart, and our connection to God.


SHELBY: What kind of space should a writer work in for enhanced creativity?

KASI: For writers, I suggest creating a space that draws on all of the senses. Display things that inspire you, or take you back to a time of success and achievement. Display pictures of your loved ones; surround yourself with your favorite colors, sounds, and smells that promote for you, the inspiration of creativity.


SHELBY: Do you think there ought to be a private space put aside for meditation and clearing one’s mind?

KASI: I do, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate room, just a designated space. By doing this, each time you utilize that space, you also embed pockets of energy with the frequency of meditation or tranquility. Therefore, when you continually enter that space, those pockets of energy will already be there from your previous serenity.


SHELBY: Finally, what is the best advice you can give for keeping the energy flowing harmoniously in one’s life?

KASI: Self-accountability and responsibility are paramount and conducive to a harmonious life. If we conscientiously own the energy we emanate, we realize that we influence the energy that circles back to us. Also, when we own our power, we are the master of out own lives.


SHELBY: What other kinds of information and tips does your book offer that you would like to tell readers about?

KASI: I have included examples of intentions that can be utilized to cleanse energy, as well as explanations of the history and use of essential oils, geometry, and symbology in living and work spaces.


SHELBY: What is your next project?

KASI: There are many projects I am working on such as online courses relating to my books. My next book I’m working on is about how to keep your heart open by establishing boundaries.